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My teaching experience:

I qualified as a Science teacher over 10 years ago and I have experience teaching in both private and state secondary schools across all age groups (i.e. Years 7 to 13). My main specialism is Biology for KS3 to KS5 but I can also offer Chemistry tuition for KS3 and KS4 and Physics for KS3. I have experience teaching all exam boards at GCSE & A Level and I have been tutoring students in preparation for their GCSE and A Level exams since 2013.

I can also offer tuition for KS2 Science, Maths and English.

I am currently teaching for a private online-based Cambridge School as well as tutoring many students of all ages and abilities both in the UK and internationally.

My academic background:

I achieved a First Class BSc degree in Animal Science at Canterbury Christ Church University and I also have a Masters degree in Primate Conservation from Oxford Brookes University. 

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With over 10 years of teaching experience I have developed a vast array of strategies and approaches to help my students excel whatever their academic ability. A one-to-one lesson will provide a foundation on which to build. Students have the opportunity to cater the sessions to their needs. Whether it is to catch up on any missed work due to absence, revise a particular topic(s), prepare for upcoming exams or to just further their subject knowledge as a whole, these sessions will allow them to ask questions, explore the subject using a range of customised tasks, and enhance their skill set - all designed to improve confidence and aid progression.

1 hour lesson - £25

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I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable teacher who focuses on Exam Prep. Teachers need to be able to motivate and guide students to enable them to achieve success. As an experienced Science Tutor, I can identify a students' problem area and work with them in a positive and constructive way. I design my Exam Prep sessions according to my students’ needs and ambitions, with an emphasis on confidence-building.

1 hour lesson - £25

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One of the biggest hurdles students face when the time comes to revise is finding a style that is right for them. "One size does not fit all" when it comes to revising and this is a vital area that I can help with. I have developed many different revision techniques that will help your child find the one that is right for them. I can also provide useful tips so that your child can revise efficiently and effectively, saving them valuable time at a crucial stage in their studies.

1 hour lesson - £25

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Customer Satisfaction is My #1 Goal

Miss Perry was my tutor for a number of years. She is a kind, caring and patient teacher who is able to explain each topic clearly. She is able to change her teaching style to suit your understanding which aided my learning. This included drawing diagrams, having discussions and creating colourful mind maps. Without her help and support I would not have passed my exams to the standard that I did.

Hannah Burvill
A Level Biology

I had Amy Perry for science on occasions & she was amazing & wish I had her more. What was unique about her teaching was her kindness & the fact nothing was ever a silly question. If you didn’t understand something, she immediately knew other ways to explain which would suit you better. Whether it be for Biology or Chemistry, I’d highly recommend.

Jonathan Heaver
GCSE Biology

I was taught Biology at GCSE level by Amy Perry. I would recommend her teaching to anyone wanting to succeed! She had so much patience with me and nothing was ever a silly question.

Isabella Nudd
GCSE Biology

I always struggled with my three sciences and Mrs Perry made everything seem straight forward to
understand and taught things in a fun way to keep everyone in the class engaged. She is very approachable and makes science very enjoyable even if it’s not your strong area. If there’s a particular area that you struggle in, Mrs Perry will break down the information in a simple way and will keep teaching you the same thing patiently until you understand clearly and feel confident within yourself again.

Juliette Jordan
GCSE Biology




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